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Ojora Kingdom


Ojora kingdom is within the Apapa maritime hub, a busy business community with infrastructural challenges and a spill over of other challenges from the Apapa Ports. Activities from the Apapa maritime hub have influenced various entrepreneurial activities within the kingdom with its attendant social challenges.

Many an entrepreneur in the kingdom struggle with lack of basic infrastructure such as access roads, even though the government is working towards improving and upgrading road infrastructure. Overflow of traffic from the ports is causing gridlock around roads in the kingdom and this has seen productive hours spent in traffic. This factor is hurting businesses. Erratic power supply, insecurity, access to the regulatory agencies, access to funding, multiple taxation and other factors are bedevilling entrepreneurs in the kingdom.

Consequentially, OKEH is determined to maintain a healthy relationship with government at all levels and the private sector to improve the needed infrastructure in the kingdom. Our partnerships will bring about development of sophisticated economic hubs, online shops for the promotion of businesses within the Kingdom, co-working spaces, small business development centres, etc.

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