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The past few years have seen government at both the State and Local Government levels working towards the improvement of schools infrastructure by building new schools, renovating existing schools and classrooms with the objective to encouraging both primary and secondary school enrolment. There are also private schools scattered all over the kingdom to complement the public schools. Despite these initiatives, there are a number of children who are still not enrolled in school as a result of poverty, most school also lack social infrastructure such as sports ground with basic facilities which are supposed to impact pupils/students behaviour.

Therefore it is important that basic sporting facilities are put in place to make learning fun and also attract more children to school. Modern classrooms with state of the art teaching materials in line with global best practises will produce children who can compete favourably with their peers internationally. His Royal Majesty is partnering government at all levels, including the international community to achieve this feat. This he believes will ameliorate crime, poverty, over population and other social challenges in his kingdom.

The COVID 19 pandemic has exposed the vulnerability of slum communities to outbreak of diseases. Physical and social distancing can hardly be practised in communities dominated by one room apartment shared by more than 4 persons. Residents of Urban slums predominantly live in what is popularly called “face me, i face you apartments”. In this conditions, residents share common toilets and every available space. It is common to find about 10 rooms with almost 30 to 40 occupants in these buildings.

These communities lack basic infrastructure to lift the living conditions of her residents and it is very important that affordable housing designs are employed with good waste disposal methods. We are therefore poised to work with neighbourhoods and communities to improve hygiene within the kingdom.

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